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Prototype to OEM

We allow precision optics to become light weight. Our patented technology allows optical engineers to keep track with demanding requirements in terms of low weight, thermal management, stiffness to weight ratio, easy handling and fast processing of optical components. We can produce nearly all shapes and areal densities from small pieces to large optics and from prototype to volume.

  • Diameter up to 26inch, but not limited to
  • Thickness up to 51mm, but not limited to
  • Areal density (gross) down to 15Kg/m2, but not limited to
  • Support elements: different number, diameter, distribution
  • Outside contour: elliptical, hexagonal, etc.
  • Central openings
  • Tilted backplates
  • Contured backplates

Please ask if you have any questions. We are happy to listen to your needs.